Tina's Tunes

Not LCI, not Tumblr, but a secret third thing.

All music written by Tina Rosenthal unless otherwise stated. All music, regardless of composer, was arranged by Tina Rosenthal.
Tina Rosenthal is getting tired of referring to herself by her full name in the third person.

🎻 Acoustics New! | 🎹 Synthesisers | 🖥‍️ PC Startup Sounds

Obviously, it's all synthesised; all of this was generated by some piece of technology or another. But "Acoustics" means that most or all of the instruments are simulations of acoustic ones, like orchestras and jazz ensembles. "Synthesisers" means blatant, obvious synthesis, with hardly any acoustic instrument simulations beyond some simple monotonal sampling. PC Startup Sounds is a collection of... well, like it sounds: old-style computer startup fanfares.

Commercial and non-commercial use of original music (i.e. not a cover of something) subject to restrictions.
Any but personal use of song covers is not permissible under the various copyright acts of the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union.