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May 29 2024: Building Mansions in The Sims - Why Do I Do This To Myself?
Page contains music. May 16 2024: New Album in Production!
May 12 2024: We're Back! More Sims 4 Buildings
Caution: suggestive themes, realistic language. May 4 2024: BeauShack ManHouse—The Backstory
Page contains music. May 3 2024: Premium DLC Didn't Start with The Sims Store
Page contains music. April 10 2024: Too Personal for Neocities? I Wrote This Anyway
December 24 2023: The Sims Archive Project Can't Archive from a Graveyard
October 4 2023: I Built Mimi's House in The Sims 4
September 22 2023: The Gubler-Dochney Library and Why I Prefer The Sims Classic
August 30 2023: Why I Hate Software Launchers, part II
August 27 2023: I Need a Separate Page Just for The Sims
August 21 2023: Half? Well, More Like 1/4 of All Sims Games
August 9 2023: Half of All Sims Games are Unplayable on Windows 11
August 7 2023: The Sims 4 Players: Don't Stay Connected While You Play!
August 1 2023: This. This is Why I Hate Launcher Software
July 22 2023: The Sims 4 is Free, Take Advantage of It!