April Fool's Day isn't kosher.

I've never liked April Fool's Day all that much. I suppose it's because in elementary (primary) school, people didn't feel they needed to wait until April Fool's to try and fool me about something. I had to be on-guard against getting snowed all the time; while this meant I learned how to be observant earlier than most kids, it killed my ability to trust anyone. If I ever felt like I was in danger of being made into a fool, I would shut down and treat everyone with suspicion. Fortunately, I was overweight and had a conscience, otherwise I might have become a policeman.

In general, I tend to stay off the internet on April 1st. There's certain open-source software I don't use on that day either. Chiefly because some clown-school washout thought it would be a brilliant idea to intentionally impair the functionality of their website or software on April 1st. Even a few people I follow here on Neocities do this with their websites. Some people are more committed to the bit than others, but I've seen it happen. The extent of my particular April Fool's Day participation was just a microblog entry on my profile page.

I made a cool new page! APRIL FOOL! I didn't make a cool new page. Ha ha get stick bugged lol. Ok april fools is over now.

There are various other reasons I don't plan to screw with my website on April 1st, but principally amongst them is that there are people who would prefer not to encounter someone exclaiming "Gotcha!" around every corner. It's tiresome and it makes you paranoid and suspicious. There are plenty of other reasons to be paranoid and suspicious—I'd prefer not to contribute to that.

--2 April 2024--